2014-2015 projec

The time has come to sum up the year to see what kind of success we've had this year.The year was the year of the horse and  I cannot say it was a successful year, but at least I had a lot of good friends and I visited Armenia in different places and I have had some success in education. During the year I have had good and bad moments that helped me to better understand life and why not become stronger. I am eleventh grade and this year I've decided what I have plans later I think it is a great achievement in life. This year's success, first of all I thank God, after my parents and my friends.In a few days comes a new 2015 year and I hope that this year will be a better year. This year i will work a lot in order to the university. I have a lot of dreams I hope that there will be. See you next year.

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